EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Money Bail Industry's Fight to Stay Afloat Amid Reform

"Don Mescia of United Bail of America...agrees with the sentiment that defendants who are poor or incompetent shouldn’t be kept in jail simply because they can’t afford bail. But he claims that because the state has rushed the process, New Jersey’s risk assessment lets out far more defendants than just those who are poor, incompetent, or low-level offenders.

“There needs to be more of a time frame so courts can determine whether someone is actually indigent or incompetent,” Mescia said. “People aren’t being told the full truth, many of these low-level offenders are repeat offenders, and we’d like judges to be able to take the time to ensure they’re not a flight risk.”


“There should be bail reform, but not everyone should be entitled to an algorithm release,” Mescia said. “Many of these have committed heinous crimes like drug and gun offenses.”


The Daily Caller, Anders Hagstrom | 01/03/2018