Bail-Bond industry suffers another blow as Facebook and google ban ads


"The movement to eliminate cash bail is driven by the argument that the system makes it harder for poor people to get out of jail while awaiting trial. That, the argument goes, makes them more likely to plead guilty and suffer the lifelong consequences of a criminal conviction. Several cities, counties and states have abolished cash bail, replacing it with systems that allow the release of most people accused of low-level offenses and the detention of those accused of the most serious crimes.

Those changes have hit the bail bond industry, putting agents and bounty hunters out of work.

They've fought reforms, saying they play an important role in the justice system by making sure the law isn't flouted and that dangerous suspects don't prey on more people.

Don Mescia, executive director of United Bail of America, an advocacy group for bail agents, said Google's announcement was "another example of the moral and ethical failings of the American society."

NBC, Jon Schuppe | 05/08/2018