United Bail of America Supports Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor


Florida’s upcoming gubernatorial election could have a significant effect on criminal justice reform. In a Jacksonville debate last week, both Ron DeSantis (R) and Andrew Gillium (D) took strong but opposing stances on criminal justice policies. United Bail of America supports DeSantis for Florida Governor in his fight to uphold the state’s current criminal justice system and maintain its 50-year low crime rates.

Gillium said that, if elected, he’ll develop a bail reform proposal similar to the one enacted by Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey, which eliminated bail for most crimes across the state. Programs like these have had negative consequences, including increased failure to appear rates – more than 40 percent in Harris County, Texas – and threats to public safety.

New Jersey courts, acting under Governor Christie’s bail reform program, regularly release dangerous defendants on their own recognizance, including 23 of 24 child sexual predators, an arsonist, an Uber driver who was charged with distributing heroin and a man with multiple outstanding warrants who made terroristic threats. 

If bail is eliminated in Florida in favor of a pretrial program similar to the one currently used in Washington, D.C., it would cost taxpayers $2.7 billion annually.

Additionally, according to a recent public opinion poll conducted by Gottlieb Strategic Research, only 30 percent of Florida voters think the current bail system is in need of reform.

Despite these facts, Gillium promised to make bail reform a top priority among criminal justice issues.

Your vote counts on November 6. Vote to protect Florida’s criminal justice system and the bail industry from ineffective reforms. Vote for Ron DeSantis.