Share Your Voice: UBA Members Share Their Stories

United Bail of America was created to give members a voice in the continuing national discourse on criminal justice reform. UBA members Mel Thacker (Big Trouble Bail Bonds, FL) and Randy Cauthen (Bost Bail Bonds, NC) both have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and sat down with us to share their stories and thoughts on how recent bail reform legislation could affect the industry and the criminal justice system. The biggest take away? The elimination of cash bail has dangerous consequences for your community and your wallet.

“Bail reform in California at the moment, I think, is a joke. These programs aren’t free no matter how many claims that they are, the funding has to come from somewhere and that somewhere would be the state and federal level and that would come from the taxpayers’ pockets.” -Mel Thacker, Big Trouble Bail Bonds

“The criminal justice areas we should focus on would be more opportunity for drug rehab instead of imprisonment for low level drug users. We need to concentrate on the rehabilitation of these folks rather than incarceration,” Randy Cauthen, Bost Bail Bonds