Our industry is at a crossroads. Activists, backed by the deep pockets of billionaires, are calling for the elimination of bail, but don’t understand the key role the commercial bail industry plays in our criminal justice system or the scope of services provided by surety agents.

As states and cities give in to the rhetoric about unjust incarceration and the “greed” of our industry, the media has failed to hold activists accountable for their claims.

This stops now.

United Bail of America is dedicated to combating the forces trying to destroy our industry with the simple truth: Bail Protects.

Bail Protects Taxpayers—Bail reformers are quick to point to the cost of pretrial incarceration of those who cannot post bail as a burden to the taxpayer, but fail to account for the immense cost of pretrial services.

Surety agents, like those who are members of UBA, offer pretrial services to defendants at an much lower cost than government-funded programs could ever provide. Not to mention the millions of dollars activists are suggesting taxpayers fork over for proprietary risk assessment algorithms to supplement or replace the on-the-job experience of surety agents and judges.

The surety bail system doesn’t require a dime from the average taxpayer and is subject to laws and regulations set forth by both federal and state legislative bodies.

Bail Protects Victims— All criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty, but repeat offenders and those accused of crimes that have injured the livelihood or health and wellbeing of victims should be monitored and their impact carefully considered before release. Many reform programs are now calling for “sufficient evidence” to write a bond, potentially requiring witness testimony just hours or days after a crime. Victim Advocacy groups and surety agents are clamoring to be heard in the midst of scaremongering rhetoric about constitutional rights.

The truth is, today, surety agents are monitoring hundreds of thousands of individuals for months or years as they await their day in court.

Agents require regular communication with clients and their support systems and have the freedom, flexibility and resources, unlike law enforcement, to conduct home visits and interviews—ensuring that conditions of bail, like protective orders, are met. And, in the event of a violation, surety agents have the freedom and flexibility to immediately take action and apprehend the defendant, keeping the defendant from further harming the community.

Bail Protects Defendants— Almost unilaterally overlooked, surety bail protects defendants in a way that large government bodies never could. The same freedom and flexibility that protects victims allows agents to preserve the assumed innocence of the accused.

Most surety agents work directly with judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys to build conditions of bail that protect alleged victims and defendants from further harm. Surety agents provide counsel on the confusing pre-trial process and a record of behavior while awaiting trial. Agents often go above and beyond for their clients, providing resources to find employment, relocate or fight addiction, whatever it takes to get them to their day in court.

Activists fighting for the elimination of surety bail don’t know the truth: Bail Protects.

Join me, while I lead our agents in the fight against bias and misinformation in the media. Help secure our industry's future. Join United Bail of America today.

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Don Mescia,
Executive Director, United Bail of America